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Become a Certified Behavioral Health Specialists (CBHS)

Behavioral health specialists are essential team members at rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, clinics, and learning institutions. They are responsible for the following duties:

  • Providing support to patients
  • Assisting counselors and therapists
  • Counseling for drug addiction
  • Support patients with physical limitations
  • Assist in the treatment of mental illness
  • Working closely with social workers

As advancements in medical technology rise, more employers are requiring national certification in the behavioral health field each year.


Certified Behavioral Health Specialists (CBHS)

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Program Includes:

  • Study Materials
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • National Certification Exam

What we offer

Earning your CBHS certification through National Performance Specialists means you’ll become nationally certified, which ensures employers you’re continually updating your industry knowledge in the Behavioral Health Specialists field. Without this, a potential employer can’t verify your Behavioral Health Specialist skills, decreasing your chances of being hired.

All NPS initial & renewal certification exams are live remote proctored by our partner PSI. A live proctor will monitor you throughout the duration of your exam. To learn more about live remote proctoring click here.

About our Certified Behavioral Health Specialists process

Become a Certified Behavioral Health Specialists in 4 easy steps:

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1 ​Register with National Performance Specialists

Our online CBHS certification process is simple and affordable, allowing you to take it at your own pace. All of our certification materials are completely app-ready so they can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Our competency-based Behavioral Health Specialist study guide is available online with the ability to easily search keywords and phrases for your convenience.

The first step you need to take in your online CBHS certification is to register, which you can do here.

Certified Behavioral Health Specialists must have received formal mental health care training.

*Complete exam qualifications and requirements can be found in the NPS Candidate Handbook.

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2 Using our e-learning platform

Once enrolled, we will assign you an academic advisor. We will send you your advisor’s direct contact information via email, along with your CBHS certification materials. Your advisor will monitor your progress, provide your exam results, revise your resume and assist you with job placement.

With our one-of-a-kind e-learning platform featuring intelligent automation, you will easily navigate your way through our program. Though our advisors are here if you need them, we offer such an incredibly easy user experience, you’ll most likely not even need them.

*The free NPS exam preparation materials are not required to sit for the certification exam. NPS does not claim these are the best or only source of exam preparatory materials a test taker should use. Use of these materials does not guarantee a passing score on the national exam.

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3 Taking the exam

When you register to sit for your CBHS certification exam you will be given an NPS account that includes free study materials and unlimited practice exams. The certification exam is remotely proctored and you will be able to schedule your CBHS exam from your NPS account. Once your CBHS exam is scheduled, you will need to follow the instructions of the live proctor to begin your exam session. Upon completion of your exam, your results will be provided to you within 1 hour.

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4 Receiving your certification

We will provide you with a digital copy of your CBHS certification in your account instantly once you’ve successfully completed and passed the exam. The digital copy of your certification is available to be printed and verified immediately.

All certified members will be verified by employers in the National Registry immediately upon passing the CBHS certification exam, making it easier than ever to provide proof of certification to an employer.

NPS Certification Overview

Why Us

When you register for online testing you are able to complete the certification process online, at your own pace.

Immediate proof of certification

When you pass the certification exam, your national certification is instantly submitted to the national registry. A digital copy of your certification is provided by email and will be forever stored in your NPS account. You can easily print your certification for you and your employers records. Your certification can easily be verified in the NPS Verification Portal.

Proud members of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence

NPS remains a proud member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.). You may view our membership using our Credly Badge that is issued by I.C.E.

We care about Our Members

NPS is the only Behavioral Health Specialist certification agency that gives you all the tools you need to succeed for one low price. We understand everyone’s circumstances are different and we strive to meet everyone’s needs, no matter their financial background.

Setting high standards in the allied health community

We expect NPS-​certified members to present themselves professionally. National Performance Specialists is a subdivision of ​t​he National Association for Psychometric Competency Testing (NAPCT). We reserve the right to revoke certifications at any time if an NPS​-​certified member does not conduct themselves as a moral and professional member of the allied health community.


Register For Your CBHS Certification

Program Includes:
Study Materials  Unlimited Practice Exams  National Certification Exam
Program Includes:
  • Study Materials
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • National Certification Exam

Not completed training or worked in the field
Completed training or worked in the field
Other eligibility questions

Active - Expiring soon
Expired less than 30 days ago
Expired more than 30 days ago

Less than 5 years
More than 5 years

Renewing Your Certification

Behavioral Health Specialists are required to renew their CBHS Certification every two years. A specialist should start the process at least 30 days prior to the day their certification expires. This will allow the Behavioral Health Specialist sufficient time to complete their continuing education hours and submit their renewal assessment. You will not need to go back to a school or training program, nor attend a class to renew your certification.

The renewal process can be completed entirely online in the NPS learning management system. The cost to renew your credential for the following two-year period is $200.00. Renewing ensures your employer that you are dedicated to updating your knowledge in the field.

Click to learn more about Renewing You CBHS Certification.

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Certified Behavioral Health Specialist Instructor

A Certified Behavioral Health Specialist Instructor (CBHSI) is a highly-skilled Behavioral Health Specialist with more than 5 years of experience in the field. Instructors can teach for or own their own school. They’re responsible for ensuring that students in their class are retaining the information provided by their curriculum. Every class should provide students with details about the instructor’s background and credentials.

If a specialist meets the requirements and wishes to become a Certified Behavioral Health Specialist Instructor (CBHSI) they can complete the entire process online. If you would prefer to speak with someone regarding the process, contact us today.

Click to learn more about becoming a Certified Behavioral Health Specialist Instructor (CBHSI).

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