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Group Management

A Solution For Schools, Institutions, and Instructors

Create NPS Accounts for Your Students

With Group Management by National Performance Specialists, managing your students online is easier than ever.


Group Management gives you the ability to create NPS accounts and provide your students with all of their certification materials.  

Adding New Students

To add users to your group, all you need is the students name and email address.


Adding students automatically creates the students account and provides them with their materials in the learning management system.


When a student is added by a group leader, the student will receive an email with instructions on logging into their new account.

Added & Invited Successfully

Fill out the student’s first and last name along with their email address and click the Enroll User button.


You will then be taken back to the main Group Management portal. A message in a green box will confirm your student has been added and that their invitation email was sent.

Monitor Certification Progress

Monitor the progression of individual students using Group Management.


You can view the status of all of your group members in a single view. This makes it easy to see who has completed the certification process and who is still in progress.

Advanced Reporting

Group Leaders can also view more details on individual users’ exams and their exam performance, along with their certification status.


Exam results are available one hour after an exam is taken for both the user and the Group Leader, provided the live remote proctor does not report an exam violation.

Domain-Based Proficiency Reporting

Group Leaders are able to view further information by viewing an exam’s Domain-Based Proficiency Reporting. Domain-Based reporting is available for both passed/failed practice exams and any failed final national certification exams.


You can use a student’s Domain-Based Exam Proficiency Report to determine what areas of the study materials they need to focus on to better prepare your students for their national certification exam.

Exam Results and Proof of Certification

Know when your students complete their final certification exam, review and print their final exam report, and verify their certification.


Students are provided with their exam results and digital certification directly in their NPS account.


Once a student has passed the final certification exam with a clear report from their proctor, their credentials are immediately submitted to the national registry and can be verified online.

Group Management Is Free For All Certified Phlebotomy Instructors

We are committed to helping our instructors grow, and to finding innovative ways for you to provide quality training and online education for your students.

Group Management is available for all NPS Certified Phlebotomy Instructors completely free. Speak with your advisor for more details.

If you are the owner or instructor of a phlebotomy training program, you can partner your program with NPS.

Click here to learn more about partnering your School or Institution.