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Proctor Rates

Proctoring the national certification exam for your students ensures that they have the greatest chance of finding gainful employment.

National Performance Specialists provides proctors with the tools they need to succeed.

Rates per student are based off of the number of seats added at one time in the Group Management Portal. As the quantity of seats to add is adjusted, the cost per seat will automatically apply the appropriate discount.

The NPS Proctor is responsible for incorporating the full cost of certification ($200.00) into their program tuition.
Seats that are added can immediately be assigned to students. Once a student is assigned to a seat, their NPS account is created and their certification materials are provided.

Proctors can purchase additional seats to receive greater discounts. Seats that are not being used will always be available in the Group Management Portal.

CPI Proctor Rates Chart
Individual seat prices start at $180 per seat. See chart above for bulk purchase discounts. Proctor fees are included in prices displayed.

Register For Your CPI Certification

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World class software

The NPS Group Management Portal allows proctors to create their student’s NPS accounts and provide them with their certification materials, giving students immediate access to the automated learning management system

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Instant proof of certification

NPS is the only certification agency that will provide every graduate a digital copy of the certification immediately after completing the exam so they can start job hunting and earning income as soon as possible.
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Increase your revenue

NPS provides proctors with discounted rates that allow them to be compensated for proctoring exams. Rates are determined by the number of seats a proctor adds to their Group Management Portal at one time.

Determine Your Need

Your needs as a proctor are based on the average number of students you will proctor exams for on an annual basis. Proctors with more than 15 students annually should consider our School and Institution packages to receive the greatest discount.

Most will begin the process of proctoring exams by completing the Certified Phlebotomy Instructor (CPI) Program. All NPS Certified Instructors have complete access to Group Management. Many proctors will upgrade to School and Institution pricing once their annual student count is great enough.

If you are currently proctoring more than 15 individual certification exams a year with another certification agency please review our Pricing Packages to see how much you can save with NPS.

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