CCMA Early Enrollment Now Available - Contact NPS To Enroll
CCMA Early Enrollment Now Available - Contact NPS To Enroll
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Free 2021 NPS Certified EKG Practice Test

To help you prepare for your EKG certification exam, NPS is providing you with a free preview of the CET certification program and a free 2021 EKG practice exam.

Once you have registered and submitted your payment you will have immediate access to the EKG study guide, unlimited full-length practice exams, and one chance to take the certification exam.

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If you aren’t ready to pay for your certification. You can still get some insight into the certification process for free.

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Our hope is that your free preview will answer questions you have about the certification process while getting you familiar with the online platform.

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Program Includes:
Study Materials  Unlimited Practice Exams  National Certification Exam
Program Includes:
  • Study Materials
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • National Certification Exam