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Adding EKG Technician Certification to Enhance Your Career

– Allied health professionals can diversify their skill set by adding electrocardiography to their qualifications – 


EKG technicians provide valuable supporting services and testing in a variety of healthcare settings, from urgent and emergency units in hospitals to long-term care facilities. They typically perform diagnostic tests that monitor cardiovascular statuses in patients. The test results are used by doctors to evaluate patient health, diagnose conditions, and determine care plans.

One of the great things about a career in this field is its compatibility with other allied health functions. Many EKG technicians start out in other specialties, such as medical assisting or phlebotomy. In fact, some training programs provide certificates in more than one aspect of allied health.

When it comes to job placement, adding an extra certification to your resume can help make you more appealing to employers. It can also give you flexibility to pick up additional hours with another provider or split your time between professional interests to add more variety to your own schedule.

Here are some items to consider if you are looking to add EKG technician to your list of qualifications.


Job Prospects Remain High for EKG Technicians

When you’re looking to add a skill, it’s important to make sure is in demand. Fortunately, similar to other allied health roles, the need for EKG technicians continues to grow. Employment is projected to grow 5% through 2029 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is great news for anyone considering entering an EKG training program. The average program takes 2-3 months to complete, including classroom learning and hands-on practice. This means you can obtain quality education for entry-level EKG technician roles and be ready to market your skills in a field still in need of qualified individuals.


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Hospitals Remain the Main Employers for EKG Technicians 

Where will you go to work with your newfound EKG skills? Because electrocardiography is widely used as a diagnostic tool in the broader scope of determining health outcomes, the majority of EKG technicians are employed in hospital settings. This can offer great flexibility in hours and shifts for employees.

Hospital settings can also provide a wider range of patient care and stress for employees. Some EKG technicians will find themselves conducting routine testing on standard patient floors or in Cardiac Care Units (CCUs). Others may be called on to work in emergency room or Intensive Care Units (ICUs) where they will need to be quick on their feet, organized, and ready to contribute to care as needs arise.

Private practices, diagnostic testing centers, and ambulatory care providers also look for EKG technicians to provide supporting services to patients.


How to Stand Out to Employers

Adding a second (or third) allied health skill set to your resume will automatically differentiate you from other candidates as you apply to jobs. Another way to ensure you showcase your qualifications is through national certification.

The majority of EKG technician training programs offer a certificate to vouch for your completion of their program sessions and hands-on training. Sitting for and passing a national certification exam shows your competency as tested by an unbiased, third-party agency. Employers can view national certification as extra evidence that you have mastered the required skills and will hit the ground running.


Choosing the Right National Certification Provider

All programs are not the same when it comes to national certification for EKG technicians. At a minimum, they should provide a neutral setting for you to take your national exam and demonstrate your understanding of critical skills and knowledge in the field.

Agencies that prioritize their members will provide additional resources to help them succeed. This can include study materials, practice tests, and post-exam extras like job placement help. While quite a few agencies offer these perks, watch out for hidden fees. Some charge extra for each option, and those costs can add up fast.


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What to Expect with CET Certification from NPS

National Performance Specialists (NPS) puts member outcomes and success first and foremost. Once you’ve completed an EKG technician training program, you can take the next step toward national certification with NPS.

Our platform makes it easy to access study modules, practice exams, and even the final exam all from the web – whenever and wherever you are ready to access.

We support members achieve their national certification with resume revision and job placement assistance to help them take the next step forward in their careers. With complete transparency, all services are offered – including one final exam attempt – for a single, flat fee. The result? Flexible, quality national certification that can help you take the next step in your allied health services career.


Start Your National EKG Certification with NPS Today!

Register with NPS for your CET certification today. NPS offers national Certified EKG Technician (CET) Certification for individuals ready to take their careers to the next level.

Adding Ekg Certification To Enhance Your Career
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