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6 Ways eLearning Helps Phlebotomists Succeed

Web-based tools make it easy to become nationally certified as a phlebotomy technologist


For some things, there is just no substitute for hands-on, in-person training. Phlebotomy education is definitely one of these areas. The path to a career in phlebotomy includes a few essential phases, first of which is completing an accredited training program. These are offered locally across the country by vocational schools, community colleges, and private training programs.


At the end of the program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that confirms you participated in the required classwork and clinical experiences (including blood draws). You’re now ready to become nationally certified.


The national exam rigorously tests your competency in critical phlebotomy topics. This last step is where phlebotomists can benefit from eLearning options. Online access gives a number of advantages so you can achieve national certification in phlebotomy and show employers you are serious about your career and education.


When it comes to national certification, you have options to choose from. Different agencies approach the process with different levels of detail, materials, and access. Here are 6 ways that eLearning options can help phlebotomists succeed with national certification and beyond


1. Set Your Own Pace

eLearning gives you the option to review content when it is convenient for you. You will not need to manage a rigid course schedule that you need to fit into your existing responsibilities. You can study when and as often as you’d like. Many eLearning providers will give you an online portal to log in and review study modules when you are ready to do so.

What to Look for: National certification that lets you review content when you’re ready.


2. Reinforce Your Knowledge

Practice absolutely makes perfect. While the national exam is designed to assess the knowledge you acquired during your training program, you will want to review the content often to prepare for the test itself. eLearning options can give you a chance to reinforce your training with materials put together by a different provider.

What to Look for: National certification that offers practice exams to prepare you for the final.


3. Measure Your Progress

Reviewing content is one thing, but measuring your understanding and process with the content is another. eLearning platforms can show you how you perform on practice and competency tests so you can figure out what you know like the back of your hand and what you need to review in more detail. Some will even give you metrics showing performance scores across modules and content areas.

What to Look for: National certification that measures your progress to help you excel.


4. Cut Your Costs

Education is not often cheap. National certification can help you land a phlebotomy job, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Watch out for hidden costs from programs that ask you to buy more books or pay for extra study aids. eLearning can cut down these costs by keeping everything essential online.

What to Look for: National certification that includes everything you need for one fee.


Elearning Powered Phlebotomists

5. Study From Anywhere

Location and flexibility are another key factor when it comes to prepping for your national certification. eLearning gives more flexibility than classes or textbook formats because you can access it from anywhere. The best options will give you resources compatible with multiple platforms so that you can study at home or on the go.

What to Look for: National certification that has resources accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


6. Value-Added Resources

Your phlebotomy career is not set in stone once you complete a program or get nationally certified. You’ll probably need to look for a job or might be considering making an employment change. eLearning options can also give you web access. When choosing a program, look at the other services that are included beyond the exam and certification themselves.

What to Look for: National certification from a provider that helps with resumes and job placement once you pass.


What You Can Expect with eLearning and Certification from NPS

National Performance Specialists designed its eLearning access for national phlebotomy certification with professionals in mind. We want every member to have the access, flexibility, and resources they need to succeed in the field. That includes:

  • Study modules and content to review anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited practice exams that measure your progress
  • One final exam attempt to get nationally certified
  • Resume revision and job placement assistance
  • One single fee for access Everything you need for one flat fee


Become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician with NPS Today!

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6 Ways Elearning Helps Phlebotomists Succeed
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