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National Performance Specialists Launches National Certification for Patient Care Technicians

– New programing diversifies options for allied health professionals –


National Performance Specialists (NPS), a leading allied health certification agency and education advocate, today announced the availability of its national certification program for patient care technicians (PCTs). The program will help these allied health professionals take their careers to the next level with affordable and accessible study materials and final exam proctoring.


The PCT certification program is designed for new professionals entering the field as well as those looking to renew their certification or become certified instructors. Initial PCT certification is suited for individuals who have completed a training program including their clinical hours. Certification renewal, required every two years to maintain active in the industry, can be completed even if the individual was initially certified by another provider.


Patient care technicians are responsible for working between medical professionals and patients to support the quality of care. PCTs are trained to prioritize patient comfort while taking vitals and performing support services such as blood draws or electrocardiogram tests as ordered by a physician. Robust training and independent national certification pair together to show potential employers that a PCT is qualified for a wide range of tasks and demonstrates a commitment to the field.


The CPCT certification program includes 10 comprehensive study and testing modules that confirm competency across all core PCT disciplines. These include topics in daily living and care activities, PPE and infection control, collecting and recording patient data, safety, and prevention. “Over the years, we have laid a dual foundation of educational resources and technology modalities to provide dynamic options for our members,” said Tyler Capeletti, President, NPS. “The PCT program launch underscores our commitment to the allied health professions with cost-effective national certification that does not compromise quality or place undue strain on schedules and access.”


To pursue PCT certification, professionals can sign up through the NPS online portal. All materials needed to prepare for and take the exam are included for one flat fee in an e-learning format. This includes unlimited practice exams, study aids, and one final exam attempt. Module content is self-guided, and members can review their practice test results to determine areas for extra study. Study materials and practice exams are also accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices, and members can sit for the national exam using a laptop or desktop whenever they are ready and able to according to their own schedule. Upon achieving a passing score on the national exam, users receive instant digital proof of certification and a digital ID badge that employers can use to verify the certification.


The new patient care technician certification program joins the existing NPS platform’s offerings for phlebotomy and EKG national certification. “We are excited to offer another option in support of allied health professionals,” said Capeletti. “Our focus continues to be on interactive, effective content that assists members in demonstrating what they know and isolating areas for study and improvement.” Existing members can register for additional programs on the NPS platform for a separate, one-time fee while working in the comfort of a familiar user interface and material accessibility.


NPS Group Management also includes access to the new PCT program. This allows independent instructors, programs, and institutions to offer national certification for their patient care technician students as part of their course offerings. With NPS, they can remotely proctor the exam as well as track student progress through modules and identify areas for focused in-classroom instruction. Interested program directors can also become a certified patient care technician instructor through a dedicated NPS certification option.


All NPS members, regardless of experience level or allied health focus, receive access to value-added benefits once they become nationally certified. Professionally formatted, medically-driven resumes combine member details with digital proof of certification to help members stand out to potential employers. These resumes are optimized for online application submission including ATS programs that scan for essential details when qualifying candidates. NPS also offers job placement assistance through partner programs and affiliates.


National Performance Specialists (NPS) is an independent agency dedicated to providing quality, innovative educational resources and accessible certification options for allied health professionals. NPS distinguishes itself with competency-based programs that set the standard for phlebotomy and EKG certification and qualified evaluation. With over 4 years of delivering initial certification and certification renewal services, NPS continues to innovate by pioneering technology solutions that address the needs of often laggard and change-resistant industries.


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Nps Provides Patient Care Technician Certification
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