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National Performance Specialists Launches Group Management Platform for Scalable Certification Management

 – New Technology Streamlines Student Administration And Insights For Instructor-led Programs –

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March  5, 2021)National Performance Specialists (NPS), a leading phlebotomy certification agency and education advocate, today announced the full launch of its Group Management platform. Group Management streamlines testing, certifying, and reporting on student outcomes for instructors and institutions that offer phlebotomy training programs. The platform leverages technologies that support instructor programs, offer supporting content for practice exams, and provide quick, accurate competency assessment.

Group Management by NPS bridges the gap between classroom education and national certification for students looking to get started with a career in phlebotomy. Educators are encouraged to correlate student enrollment with the Group Management platform, entering students into the NPS system to ensure an efficient experience. The system manages user login, email invitations, and verification moving forward.

Instructors manage their courses and live training approach as usual. When nearing the completion of the course, instructors prompt students to visit the NPS Portal and take advantage of included practice tests and exam support content.

Our goal with Group Management is to drive innovation in phlebotomy certification with technology options that increase accessibility, accuracy, and efficacy,” said Tyler Capeletti, President & CEO, National Performance Specialists.

Group Management also innovates how testing, proctoring, and certification are managed. The platform gives the flexibility to take their final exam from anywhere in a standardized format. The system design deters cheating by prohibiting alternate webpage access or open resource materials. On completion, the results are assessed and students receive immediate pass/fail feedback. Individuals who pass the exam can generate a digital certificate that can be used for gainful employment. The result is a seamless experience that bolsters instructor and institution reputations for providing a value-added avenue for students to demonstrate competency and expedite the credentialing process.

“The Group Management platform was designed with the needs of everyone involved in mind,” said Capeletti.

“From instructors looking for easier ways to proctor exams, to institutions looking to track course performance metrics, to students trying to demonstrate their knowledge and obtain a certificate, to employers who need reliable certification confirmation – every angle of the certification process and our system was analyzed and implemented with these beneficiaries in mind.”


Group Management instructors and participating schools can realize real-time gains and identify areas for performance improvement with cohort metrics and reporting. Portal dashboards offer instructors a way to monitor their students’ certification progress and understand which content areas may need more focus in the classroom. Knowledge of student pass/fail metrics also provides opportunities for programs to reengage students and offer additional support. “Implementing Group Management for an existing program gives instructors and institutions a new capacity to build trust with students, build revenue for their business, and build a better future for phlebotomy students and their patients,” said Capeletti.

The response to pre-launch users of the Group Management platform have been constructive in the system’s development and launch. “The impact that Group Management participants and users have shared with us has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Capeletti. “Our ultimate goal is to make quality educational assessment and certification more accessible regardless of the location, resources, or opportunities available to students and instructors. Group Management encourages quality learning and unbiased assessment while eliminating cumbersome hard copy and in-person proctoring that limit flexibility and resources.

Group Management directly compliments the other programs and technologies offered by NPS. Thousands of individuals have turned to NPS for their initial Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) certification or CPT renewal. NPS has become synonymous with transparent, quality education with technology-driven solutions including digital ID cards and easy-access profiles. All NPS initiatives strive to level the playing field for phlebotomy education while encouraging educational excellence.

For more information about Group Management from National Performance Specialists, please visit

National Performance Specialists (NPS) is an independent agency dedicated to providing quality, innovative educational resources and accessible certification options for phlebotomy professionals. NPS distinguishes itself with competency-based programs that set the standard for phlebotomy certification and qualified evaluation. With over 4 years delivering initial certification and certification renewal services, NPS continues to innovate by pioneering technology solutions that address the needs of an often laggard and change-resistant industry.

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