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Customer Success Story with Dynamic Phlebotomy

– Dynamic Phlebotomy & CPR, based in Temple Hills, Maryland, offers hands-on training programs for individuals seeking careers in phlebotomy. –

In 2017, Certified Phlebotomy Instructor (CPI) Ameka Williams founded DPC by combining over 23 years of experience in hospital and outpatient laboratory facilities with her own CPI training experience, creating an inclusive environment with an emphasis on education and practical skills. 


Training workshop students learn critical skills including drawing and handling specimens, interacting with patients, updating patient records, and complying with OSHA regulations. With flexible schedules and interactive teaching, Dynamic Phlebotomy & CPR strives to propel every student toward personal success and career opportunities with confidence and credibility. 


The Challenge: Streamlined Student Management

With over 50 students each year to train and nurture, Dynamic Phlebotomy & CPR needed a more streamlined way to manage student Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) certifications and assessments. DPC was already designated a National Testing Site, but Owner and Founder Ameka Williams wanted to make proctoring exams and certifying eligible students easier on all involved.


In 2020, DPC explored options through several phlebotomy certification agencies, evaluating the benefits for her business as well as her students. Ease of use and program compatibility stood out to Williams as key to her own management of a solution. “We needed a solution that was compatible with our idea of content quality,” said Williams. Cost was another critical factor.


“While there are a lot of options available to instructors, many certification agencies make the process more difficult for the students,” said Williams. “Fees add up quickly for students who need to learn, certify, and find a job to support themselves.” 


One agency DPC vetted was National Performance Specialists (NPS). NPS staff were quick to offer consultation and support services for DPC as they evaluated options. “We prioritize student education and outcomes first and foremost,” said Tyler Capeletti, President and CEO, National Performance Specialists. “Our Group Management platform was built to pave the way for instructors and community educators to track, assess, and improve student performance and comprehension while streamlining many of the program management tasks that detract from educational tasks.”


The Solution: Group Management from NPS

After exploring options, Williams chose NPS as DPC’s certifying agency of choice and implemented the NPS Group Management platform for student certifications. DPC found the NPS platform and its training content to be more detailed and comprehensive than that offered by other certifying agencies. The NPS team worked with DPC to identify the right Group Management package for their needs, encouraging them to incorporate the costs into the student registration fee. “Including certification into the workshop offering immediately simplified things for our students,” said Williams. “Most programs require students to pay for their certification themselves. We’re able to offer everything together, making it easier for students and easing their minds that one more step in the process is taken care of for them.”


Group Management consolidated student management via an online portal, allowing DPC to add students for each workshop cohort. DPC quickly added Group Management to their existing training workshop set up. “The service is very straight forward, and customer service was quick to help whenever I had a question,” said Williams. DPC was able to keep all of the same course materials, books, and scheduling while adding the online portal management to their workshop process.


Group Management By Nps


Once students were added, Group Management automatically handled individual email notifications and passwords. Each student had immediate access to extra study materials. Unique to NPS, students leverage unlimited practice tests with feedback on areas for improvement along the way. While other agencies charged students add-on fees to retake exams or access study materials, NPS included unlimited practice tests and study guides as well as one final exam attempt for every student at no additional cost. “Eliminating extra or hidden fees for students and streamlining their sign-up process into a single registration and single fee made things so much easier,” said Williams.


“Students don’t have to worry about costs adding up if they want to practice and do their best.”


With other certification agencies, DPC struggled to gain insight into student performance, noting that sometimes students did not bother to read or study. “The system is a piece of cake for me to manage. The website is awesome: I can do anything – manage my students, see what they are studying, and track the progress of every student,” said Williams. With Group Management, DPC monitors every student, from the content they reviewed, to practice test performance, to time spent on the site. “We designed our platform to support instructors with critical insights into student comprehension,” said Capeletti. “We integrated reporting at the student, exam, and question levels so that instructors can evaluate not just individual students but also program efficacy and areas for growth.”


When time for the final exam, students log into the NPS system, take the exam, and receive instant feedback regarding their score. DPC staff proctor the exams and print certificates that are immediately available once test scores are calculated through the NPS platform. “NPS made it so much easier to proctor and grade exams,” said Williams. “The system does most of the work for me, so I can focus on coursework, training, proctoring…and celebrating with our graduates.”


The Result: Enhanced Student Experienced

DPC students no longer get caught up in extra textbooks or cumbersome content that discourage learning. Course content and educational objectives are reinforced as students process information in multiple formats throughout a DPC program, with textbook and in person instruction from Williams and her team along with digital content from NPS.


Another student benefit is reduced costs. Students pay one price for a DPC training program that includes in-person instruction, textbooks, and all of the benefits of NPS: online study guides, practice tests, final exam access, and certification. 


NPS study modules compliment in-class discussions and required reading, underscoring critical concepts. “The students love that they can review materials on their phones or wherever they happen to be,” said Williams.


“Digital options cut down on what they have to carry while giving them real-time assessments so they can make sure they understand concepts.”


DPC students take the initiative to learn because the content is easier for them to access and assess compared to materials provide by other certification agencies. “NPS presents the study modules in a format that is short, simple, and straight to the point,” said Williams. “It underscores for every student what you need to learn and know to pass.” 


DPC believes that in-class training coupled with NPS content give students everything they need to succeed. Knowing that they have a safety net in additional, no-charge exam tries alleviates pressure from students, letting them focus on learning the material and worry less about passing a test to avoid additional fees.


Students love receiving their certification as soon as they pass the exam. “The biggest question I get from my students is always ‘When do I get my certification?’,” said Williams. With NPS, exams are evaluated instantly, and students or instructors can print copies right away for eligible students. DPC celebrates every student success, certification, and job placement as a team and on their social media platforms, fostering a greater sense of community. With over 50 successful and new Certified Phlebotomy Technicians passing through the DPC program each year, there has been much to celebrate.


Adding Group Management to DPC training workshops had positive outcomes for staff and ownership as well. “Adding NPS made it easier to get information to our students,” said Williams. “We can log students in quickly, monitor which students are reading content, and celebrate their success in real time.” 


About National Performance Specialists

National Performance Specialists (NPS) is an independent agency dedicated to providing quality, innovative educational resources and accessible certification options for phlebotomy professionals. NPS distinguishes itself with competency-based programs that set the standard for phlebotomy certification and qualified evaluation. With over 4 years delivering initial certification and certification renewal services, NPS continues to innovate by pioneering technology solutions that address the needs of an often laggard and change-resistant industry.


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