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Demonstrating ROI with Group Management

– CPIs and business owners use Group Management from NPS to streamline processes, save time, and improve student outcomes –


One of the last things any small business owner wants is another expense to add to the list. You’re probably already paying for an entire list of essentials and determined to get every last penny’s worth of value out of those expenses.


For Certified Phlebotomy Instructors (CPI), or those looking to open their own business, maximizing value while reducing costs is critical. Return on Investment, or ROI, is a key factor that many owners use when talking about whether an expense is truly worth it.


But having the right tools in place can actually save you money in the long run. Group Management from NPS is specifically designed to help CPIs streamline their daily processes and make it easier on them (and their students) to navigate the national certification process.


Instructors who certify, or recertify, with NPS get access to the Group Management platform and only pay for the access they need based on their student headcount. We work directly with instructors to make sure they have access to the packages that directly reflect their needs now, with room to grow as their business grows.


So how can you determine the ROI on Group Management for your business? Here are 5 things to watch for.


1. Streamlined Certification

Instructors and CPT students alike need to get certified (and recertified) – an unavoidable cost for anyone practicing in the phlebotomy field. Instructors can streamline that process by certifying with NPS. For one flat rate, you’ll have access to study and refresher materials, practice exams, and final exam submission. You’ll have your certification as soon as you pass. For CPT students, the process is nearly identical. Plus, NPS is a nationally accredited provider of continuing education through P.A.C.E.


ROI Recap: One fee covers everything needed for successful certification for instructors and their students.


2. Saved Time on Administration

It’s amazing how much time can be lost to admin tasks in a single day. Keeping track of new students, monitoring their progress, proctoring exams, and following up to make sure they register to get nationally certified can take up precious time. Group Management saves instructors hours of lost time by simplifying all of this. Enter your students into the platform once. The system takes care of student access and notifications for you.


As students take practice tests in the platform, instructors can monitor their progress and easily identity who, or what, needs more attention in class. Students take their final exam online through the platform, which automatically scores their performance and issues certifications to everyone who passes.


ROI Recap: No more time lost to paperwork and draining student management tasks.


3. Increased Revenue Opportunity

Every business needs to turn a profit in order to succeed. By working with Group Management, you’ll lock in a set rate you can offer your students for their national certification. These are often discounted by NPS for instructors based on student volume. You can then incorporate that cost in your standard phlebotomy program fees. This provides instructors with an opportunity to increase their revenue while also simplifying the certification process for students. They can pay one fee for their hands-on coursework and their exam.


ROI Recap: Incorporating certification fees for students opens opportunities for increased revenue.


4. Reduced Student Expenses

Getting a proper education to become a phlebotomist should not be cost prohibitive. Unfortunately, many students are reluctant to pursue their career goals because of mounting expenses. Consider other certification agencies: there are separate charges for study materials, practice tests, and every single exam attempt. Paying these fees on top of the costs for training programs is simply not feasible for some students.


Offering certification through NPS and the Group Management platform to your students can actually reduce their overall costs. Our platform includes unlimited study guide access, unlimited practice tests, and one final exam attempt for a flat rate.


ROI Recap: Students get everything they need, without hidden fees, when certifying through NPS.


5. Enhanced Program Performance

The ultimate goal for any instructor is to offer quality education so that students can study, get nationally certified, and find gainful employment. Group Management gives instructors extra insight into student and program performance. Report on any student to see which materials they are accessing and find areas for coaching them. Run reports on student outcomes based on practice tests and final exams to see which areas may need more focus during your classes. With deep insights, you can optimize your in-person learning and improve program performance… and student outcomes.


ROI Recap: Reporting helps optimize programs, improve outcomes, and attract more students.

Ready to Get Started?

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Established instructors can take advantage of the NPS Group Management platform for student management and CPT certification. Explore Group Management

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